Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Execution of All Things

This summer has been pretty eventful but there is too much catching up to do in one blog post. Camp ended last week and between then and now I've been staying in Sarasota, Florida. My plane landed in Logan less than 24 hours ago and now I'm sorting through all of my stuff, getting ready to move back to college. A few weeks ago I applied to study abroad in England (Manchester, to be more specific) for Spring 2010.

My flight to Chicago was delayed for an hour or so. In that time I started reading the Great Gatsby and wrote this list of the best free stuff that I experienced in the last week.

Below is a picture I took while flying over Sarasota (if memory serves), awkwardly leaning over Andrew and Dan to capture some of the beautiful scenery (I had an aisle seat).

My plan is to start blogging on a daily basis like I did last school year. :)

Speak easy,

P.S - Puff died while I was at camp.

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Jim said...

What happened to Puffa?