Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hedgehogs on Clipboards

Every counselor at the summer camp I worked at is issued one clipboard (which holds all the important paper work and schedules, which one would be entirely helpless without). This summer I painted three clipboards - one for myself, and two for friends of mine. All of them included this little hedgehog character (spikes based on Sonic, head shape based on Crayon Shin-Chan, and body type generally based on the Kodama from the film Princess Mononoke).

The character is named Urchin (i.e. hedgehogs curled up into a ball look kind of like sea urchins). He is an excellent swimmer.

For my good friend Christopher Barry (his idea to write "Chris Barry Rocks" in honor of his website). It combines a few of my all time favorite things - hedgehogs, penny farthing bicycles, big hats, and 19th century gentleman outfits.

This one is based off of Tetris, one of my all time favorite puzzle games. The clipboard was painted for my friend Chris Burns, a counselor in training. I went into it wanting to do something fun, colorful, and cute. Every time I look at it I can't help but worry about how the one in the lower left is going to escape from the confines of his tetris pieces.

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