Thursday, December 31, 2009


Things that make me glad that I experienced 2009:

1. Movies

Up - Old man and a young boy scout go on an adventure together in this computer animated comedy that is touching and fun for the whole family. Sounds like I should hate it but this was the

A Serious Man - One of the most well put together films the Coen brothers have ever made. It proves to be both a very personal story and deeply philosophical, fusing the biblical tale of Job with the paradoxical thought experiment of Schrödinger's cat.

Inglorious Basterds - A culmination of everything I like about Quentin Tarentino movies (even has a short narration by Samuel L. Jackson). Brad Pitt and Christolph Waltz take this film to a completely new level. Plus B.J. Novak guest stars.

Star Trek - Wish I had seen this in theaters. It proves to be more like the old Star Wars movies than the Star Wars prequels.

[500] Days of Summer - Great chick flick for guys. Fun and carries with it an interesting message concerning true love.

District 9 - Great visual for a $30 million dollar budget. Intriguing characters and a lovable baby alien (in case your girlfriend gets bored).

Honorable Mentions (films I didn't see but were probably great): Up In The Air, An Education, Fabulous Mr. Fox.

2. Merriweather Post Pavillion by Animal Collective
-One of my favorite albums of all time. Fantastically engineered with a full sound and amazing vocal melodies. Also dancable at times.

-This entertained me immensely while I was dealing with a random bout of insomnia. It is far more well crafted and entertaining than The Phantom Menace ever was. This is the kind of thing I always hope to stumble across on the internet but rarely ever do.

4. Television
LOST - Arguably better than its ever been. If you haven't started watching it yet. Now is a good time to catch up. Season 6 is airing next month, the final season that will hopefully answer all of the questions that have been piling up over the years.

Dexter - Dark and addicting. Great performance by John Lithgow this season.

Venture Brothers - By far the best writing and animating I've ever seen in a televised cartoon serial. Mostly for a younger male audience.

Flight of the Conchords - Just as funny and clever as their first season. Displays a different brand of comedy than most television programs on today.

Jersey Shore - Entertaining, shallow, and too funny.

Also...Breaking Bad, United States of Tara, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Mad Men.

5. Youtube
- Great way for the entire family to waste countless hours of time. Constantly growing and changing. Plus HD. :)

Things from 2009 that left me confused:
1. Twitter
2. Lil' Wayne
3. Jon and Kate
4. Twilight
5. Meghan Fox

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kat(hryn) said...

Good list.

I am goin to pretend I'm on the list of things that confused you.