Thursday, December 3, 2009

Making Time


she has a koala spirit
blue, soft, and endless.
Her kindness doves and spills
Like lava, it pours under doors.
creeping closer to plastic urchins,
the shards silken.


We started reading "Tooth of Crime" in my Modern American Drama class the other day. It is an absolutely bizarre post-Apocalyptic play about an aging rocker. The play is written in a symbolic poetry style fashion. That is what I attempted to do with the poem above. Not sure if I really get the concept, but it's pretty interesting none the less. The picture is one I took of my cousin Carolan at Thanksgiving last week. Working on two papers due tomorrow and have another one to work on due next Wednesday. Sherman Alexie this afternoon! Probably don't have time to go but I will have to make time (might have to see Stephen Hawking about that).

Speak easy,

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Robin said...

Beautiful -- both the photo of Carolan and your poem!