Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clementines are the way that you wish life would be. Sweet, contained, and easy to manage. Instead life usually ends up more like oranges. Often bitter, hard to peel, and riddled with unwanted seeds.

Speaking of fruit, I've been buying a lot of kiwis lately. They are one of those fruits that you really have to sit on for a few days or else they will not taste like you dreamt they would. It's always funny to bite into an un-ripened fruit because more often than not I'll eat the entire thing because throwing it away will seem like such a waste. I can't count how many bad pears I've finished. Anyway, the enzyme known as proteinase, which is supposed to be good for breaking down proteins (found commonly in kiwi and pineapple) is making the inside of my mouth very tender. Loving the kiwis but starting to think it might not be in my own self interest to be eating as much as I've been (hurts when I eat the skin of the kiwis). If only the fruit was more expensive. Then I wouldn't have this problem.

See how there are shadows in this picture? That is the sun. If the sun is out, that means it is a nice day in England. There aren't a whole lot of nice days but we make due. Actually two hours after I took this it started to hail. By the way, this field is very close to were I live and if you look to the right you will see a bunch of students practicing rugby.

The mannequins here creep me out. Most of them are usually in realistic poses and you don't realize that they aren't real people until you get up close or try to make eye contact with them. The torso depicted below creeped me out for a different reason (unrealistic expectations! Not sure if the picture does it justice but this model had a laughably thin waist line).

Europeans are at the cutting edge of fashion.

Not sure what this Ferris Wheel was in the middle of town but it did add a little to the ambiance.

Speak easy,


Cynthia Sherrick said...

During my seven months in the UK I saw only about 10 days of sun. At least that's how I remember the weather. ;)

Hope all is well.

Love, Aunt Cindy

Jim said...

There's a ferris wheel at Chernobyl.