Monday, February 1, 2010

Nottingham Centre

Here are some pictures that I took when my friends and I went into Nottingham centre.

Started going to classes today. I have a Television Cultures class and we are studying The Honeymooners and Dragnet right now. Here is the blog I wrote on the second day I got here. This was right before I had to pay £25 to get my hard drive into working order (erasing all of my programs and a few files in the process).

I am off the internet for the second night in a row (they say the first three days are the hardest!). £82 later and I am almost done buying my bare necessities for the time being. Never have I had to buy my own salt. That is how you know you are on your own, when you have to buy your own salt.

It’s the first time in two years or so that I actually have my very own room and I couldn’t be happier. This morning I went to the study abroad orientation presentation and got started getting my modules (classes) verified. The campus is large and at one point I got lost. So far I have seen two Subway restaurants.

Some of the things I have noticed since I got here…

- - Red Bull is almost half the price.

- -The English love to recycle.

- - DVDs are really cheap unless they are really new (£3 for Alvin and the Chipmunks)

- - Most phones are ‘pay as you go’ and not on a plan.


- - Lots of coins. There are £1 coins and £2 coins. £5 is the smallest note you are going to get in change.

- - Double decker buses.

My suite mates are really nice. Haven’t really met any English people yet.

Watching American Movie right now. It is a really great movie. It’s one of those pieces of art that motivates you into making your own stuff and at the same time leaves you with a deep sense of realism.

Legs are tired. Need to do less walking tomorrow.

Speak easy,


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Arleen said...

Yay for your own room and what not :) sorry about the compy though. I am currently living vicariously through you so i request more pictures asap :) hope your having fun!