Saturday, January 30, 2010

£ for £

Yesterday's blog (mom, in case you were wondering) was from my first night in the UK. Before I got the internet here I wrote a few blog entries to post periodically once I was connected with the outside world again. Bought a duvet and sheets since then. Haven't started going to classes yet.

Went into the city today. This is the pub that is built into the castle of Nottingham. Pretty neat but too busy so we went somewhere else.

This is something I wrote last Monday...

I took a nap this evening at about 7 and for the first time in a week I actually feel refreshed. The last few nights leading up to my flight out of Logan I was feeling that background kind of stress that keeps you from sleeping the entire night without a hitch. There was a poster sale today in the center of campus and I bought a few that I liked. They were 3 for £5! That’s cheap anywhere.

Got all my classes signed and verified but I can’t really sign up for anything until I get the internet working on my computer. They’re not making it easy, let me tell you.

Some things I’ve noticed about England…

-There are Cash Machines everywhere. And they call them Cash Machines instead of ATMs.

-The term “fortnight” (two weeks) is used quite liberally.

-They don’t have a very good assortment of peanut butter.

- Naked ladies in GQ.

The professor who signed off on my philosophy classes was very strange. Every time he had to think about anything he closed his eyes for ten about ten seconds. He also talked in a very slow, but not in a stupid way. It was more like he was choosing every word very carefully. Between these two quirks my meeting with him took about 20 minutes and I was late to meeting my friends. Oh well. Sometimes life slows down and sometimes it speeds up. Right now I’ll take all the slow life I can get.

Speak easy,


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Dell Smith said...

Love the photos, keep 'em coming. I've never been over there, so this is an eye-opener for me as well.