Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mare, as in Nightmare

One of my friend Mike's house mates drew this on the whiteboard in their entryway.

This little schoolhouse is on the edge of campus. I thought it was cute but a little dishevelled. Have no idea if it is still in use.

Passed this guy reshingling this house while crossing a bridge earlier today. Thought it would be a good 'slice of life' picture. The weather was great. Can't wait until it is 20 degrees warmer and t-shirt friendly.

Went to a rave in town the other night. Fun but a little overcrowded.

Also, I got a haircut. It's kind of a Matt Damon from Good Will Hunting style.

Went to a bar last week called the Pit and the Pendulum. Basically looks like if Edgar Allen Poe and Edward Gorey pooled their money together to open a bar. The cocktails are named after the 7 deadly sins and the shot menu is composed of heavenly virtues. Wrath was strong, Lust was sweet and Sloth was very very chocolatey.

Also went to the Malt Cross (think that's the name). Quaint bar with this pleasant stage which is left over from the vaudevillian era. We played Scattagories, Connect 4, and Guess Who. The music consisted of The Strokes and The Postal Service. I was thoroughly pleased.

Rugby was an interesting experience but sports still kind of bore me. There's just something about them that I don't care for. Maybe I should start betting on games.

Speak easy,


Dell Smith said...

Sports get the big snooze from me as well. The S (as in sports) chromosome has bypassed the Smith/Johnson clan entirely.

More great stuff. Keep the posts coming.

Cynthia Sherrick said...

Love reading about your British experiences. Brings back memories to when I was there. :)