Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Fifth Sense

One of my flatmates is peeing in jars in his room and won't come out during the day. The only times he does leave his room are around 3 of 4 in the morning. Saw him twice in the last week. The smell is overwhelming when you enter our apartment. First it started as a sort of faint hamster cage smell which evolved into what I imagine a ferret nest smells like. It's gross. We have tried to complain to our RA and our building advisor. Also my internet doesn't work to well. Hopefully OIT will sort that out in the next few days. Until then, Beowulf.

Speak Easy,


Dell Smith said...

Not good. Sounds like this guy's got problems, not the least of which being that he doesn't care about his flatmates. Time to get a new flatmate.

Neil Everett said...

We are being as understanding as any person could be but it doesn't help his cause that he has taken a few things from the fridge.

Dell Smith said...

After reading your most recent post, it seems like this kid doesn't know how to function with other people (or alone for that matter).

Is he going to classes? Hopefully he'll flunk out and his parents will be forced to deal with him. Either that or maybe you can move.

I had a few crappy college roommate/dorm experiences, but this one takes the friggin cake.

Neil Everett said...

I think he was just sick or something. Recently he's been functioning if not a little socially awkward and slightly inconsiderate but that's all. Luckily it's just one semester.