Thursday, September 30, 2010

Le Fonz

Listening to a Henry Winkler interview while I do my French translation homework. Got an A- on my first ever professional writing assignment. Still have to wash a pair of underwear tonight so that I can have something clean for tomorrow. All my clothes are dirty but I am going back to Cape Cod this weekend for my Grandfather's funeral so it is a good time to do the laundry for free. The workload for my classes is getting increasingly worse and will probably be that way for the next ten weeks (which is really all I have left!). Haven't been able to do much writing (i.e. novel writing) but have done a little bit of animation for my short film (a lot less easier to do when I have my free time). The following is an exert from the novel I am working on. Just thought I would post it because, I don't know...might as well, right?
It was the first night in a long time that the air felt cool and uneasy sort of like it is on Halloween night, just not as cold. When I was little on Halloween I would make my mom drive me to school in the morning so I didn’t have to sit on the bus. A few of the bigger kids would always wear these terrifying masks and costumes. The kind that hide your eyes and smell of cheap sour plastic.
“When are you going to get Will Brautigan’s office?” I asked.
“In due time. You do know that he lives in that office with his baby right? I asked Tom about it and he said that Will makes all the counselors park at the other end of the parking lot so they don’t disturb the baby when they get back. One false move in the dark and I’m a goner. Pee makes a very distinct sound. And once that stream starts, it doesn’t stop.”
“When are you going to get another chance? Tomorrow is our last night and then Friday you’ll be too busy to pull off something like this.”
Corey stood pensively staring off into blank space, stroking his imaginary beard.
“You’ll have to move quick though. You don’t have much time.” I pulled my cell phone out from my pocket to check the clock. I pressed the red hang up button and the light from the phone illuminated my face. “Harvey will be back on boys’ side within the next five minutes or so.”
“Okay. Here’s what I’m going to do. I‘m going to try and pee on the side of the office closest to the entrance and Splinter Cell my way back before the last drop falls on the vinyl siding. Wish me luck.” Corey sprinted to the nearby fence and sprawled himself across it, sidling along the wooden planks before he broke into a run and disappeared into the night.
David and I stood in silence for a moment, watching the darkness that had swallowed Corey up in one swift and soundless gulp. The spotlight behind us made our shadows stretch far along the dirt path. David was the first to break the silence.
“And so our young Corey becomes one with nature, following the will of the wolves that have come before him. He will expel a warning from his loins, echoing a new age. Man shall make his mark on every house and let the wilderness know full well that this is no place for her. This camp is-”
A sharp screech interrupted David. The crickets stopped chirping. Immediately another loud cry filled the air, lifting goose bumps from my skin. A thump and a hard thud followed. It was coming from the staff laundry room. One last wail traveled out from behind the screen windows of the wooden shack. It sounded like a woman maybe but I couldn’t be sure. I looked over at David, his gaze firmly transfixed towards the flickering light above the door of the building. A clank sounded. Metal against metal. A door opened on the other side of the building. And then footsteps. They were loud at first but softened as they traveled farther away.
“Whuh…?” I started to mumble something but couldn’t find the words.
“I don’t know.” David whispered. “I don’t know.”
He took individual steps. Slowly. One after another. I found myself following his tracks. The air was still. My body was chattering.

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Robin said...

Nice job! keep writing ...

Dell Smith said...

What happens next!!???! Must. Find. Out....>>>>>>

Spyro said...

Is it bad that I know exactly what this story is about?