Thursday, September 23, 2010

Films and that

Not last night but the night before I woke up to a very pungent and horrible lingering outside my door and subsequently under the cracks of my door and in my room. This was 3 in the morning. I lost sleep because my flatmates room smelled so bad. I tried to wrap my head in an unwashed sweater to drown out the smell but that didn't work. Woke up yesterday morning to go to the rest room and nearly threw up. Lev and I went to the building supervisor after trying to knock on the guys door a few times. The supervisor came up with us and banged on his door. Eventually he responded and said that he had thrown up a few times and had neglected to clean it up because he was sick. I'm not sure what the problem is because he wasn't acting sick at all a little while later when he did come out of his room. He remarked that he didn't realize how bad it smelled and that someone should have febreezed a little bit. It's not bad anymore though. I actually got back from class this afternoon and was glad that my eyes didn't itch from the smell of the apartment. Internet works fine too. It took them almost a week to realize that we were set up with a bad hub. Way to go OIT.

Got inspired to work on an animated short film. I don't know if I talked about it on the blog or not but it's sort of a mix between this, this, this, and this. It focuses on different films and how they sort of weave into what's going on in your life. Like how I consider Batman Begins to be an important film but only because I saw it with my friend Paul before he went off to the Marines for the first time. The one I am doing chronicles about a span of ten years and really doesn't even scratch the surface of what I would like to do with it if I were to make more. There is a complete first draft but I have only sent it to my little brother.

I'm doing a little stop animation with it too. Trying to get the feel of something from the mid-90's. Like that Clerks-style grainy black and white high contrast production that stopped as soon as film when digital. Very little animation and more squiggly Dr. Katz stuff so that I can actually finish it (animated short films take a looooooong time to produce if you have to completely redraw the object in a different position every single frame).

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