Wednesday, April 14, 2010

another victory for hysteria

These are some doodles I did the other day that I think I might want to use for t-shirt designs or something. The top one is a hedgehog (obviously) inside a Matroyshka and the bottom one is a compsognathus playing a game boy. In reality the compsognathus (although one of the smallest dinosaurs) would tower over a game boy.

Less than two days left of my solitary confinement. The closest thing I have to a friend right now is this guy that works at the local coffee shop who I have forced awkward small talk with. I hate it when you talk to someone for five minutes when both of you only have thirty second worth of stuff to say. I can get a ton of work done at coffee shops though, assuming I drink my coffee slow and I am not sitting with anyone. Somehow the people moving in and out and the fact that I can't just leave when I still have coffee in the mug gives me a sense of urgency, throwing procrastination out the window. With that being said I am starting to write a lot about some of my experiences here. I'm not sure if I want anyone to read it unless it is absolutely necessary. It's fairly personal and completely unfiltered. Embarrassing I'm sure.

Since I'm exhausted I'll just put up a slew of pictures instead of writing any more.

Speak easy,

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