Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Clink

Spent the last few days in London. It's a beautiful city (if not a little cold this time of year) with some fabulous architecture. I took a ton of pictures and spent more money than I would have liked but right I am trying to keep that out of my mind. Went to the Film Museum of London today all by myself. Totally worth the £10 to see some Spongebob animation cells and a scale model of the Aliens alien. Got the hang of the London Underground. Heading to Dublin in a few days. Super tired and exhausted at the moment. Writing this from a hostel actually. Judging from the Americans I've met here (my traveling party and flatmates excluded) I can see why Europeans have a negative image of them/us. The hostel is called Clink and is (from what I can tell) a repurposed courthouse/prison. The computer room is a court room and I am in the Probation Box in front of the judges seat.

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