Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Euro for Euro, Pound for Pound

Had a lot of fun in London and Dublin. London proved to be incredibly expensive but we didn't pay for accommodation in Dublin because my friend Mike has family there so we were able to stay in homes for free. I leave for Prague on Saturday. Wrote about 6,000 words in the past two days and hope that this week is going to be a good one for writing. No one is around because everyone is on holiday. My friend Ariel is coming back on Friday and from there we are going to travel some more.

By the way, the brunette is my friend Kristina who lives in my building. The other girl is her sister Alyssa who visited the UK last week. Both good travel companions.

It looks like it's going to cost me up to $350 to change my flight in June so it may be worth it for me just to spend another nine days here and then start camp almost immediately when I get back. The downside to that is little to no time to catch up with my friends. I suppose that's what weekends are for.

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