Saturday, November 22, 2008

c'est triste, n'est-ce pas?

Yesterday I had class and then hung out with friends. By the end of the night I was at Katie and Sarah's house, off campus, and was unable to catch a bus. This resulted in a severe lack blog yesterday. My intention is to blog daily, even when I have classes or work or friends to occupy my time. In order to make sure I keep on top of this, I have decided to post something embarrassing every time I neglect my blog. Without checks and balances, everything would fall apart. Sarah recommended that I should talk about my love for the O.C. and Gossip Girl. It is true, I really enjoy watching these shows and have never missed an episode. When it comes down to it, Lev always dismisses my opinions because of my affection for Gossip Girl. I don't hold it against him.

At the bus stop this morning I stood next to a homeless man. A pleasant African American fellow wielding a big white bucket (to drum on), a kazoo in a harmonica holder around his neck, and a glittering purple cape. He even asked me to straighten his cape for him! I couldn't help but notice that he kind of smelled of plastic, although that could have been his bucket.

Before I delve into my "Contemporary Gentleman" list (which I will post next week), I would first like to backtrack to the late 1770's. There you will find a chubby bifocaled man with a quill in his hand and hope in his heart. I am talking about Benjamin Franklin. Although he did not follow a lot of his own advice, he still proved to be one of the first great thinkers in American history. Mr. Franklin brought forth a list of virtues that one ought to live by.

The first virtue that BF wrote about was "temperance". This means that one ought not eat to dullness, nor drink to elevation. It is important for us to practice this kind of self control in our lives. For more virtuous advice from our founding fathers check back tomorrow.

While spending time in Moldova I heard that their homeless people live underground. There are large cracks in the concrete that are large enough for people to climb through. Underneath the city there are large pipes that transport hot water throughout Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. I'm really glad they have a warm place to sleep because the homeless people that I saw there were some of the most downtrodden I had ever seen.

I really like when you spend the night in a different house. When you get home you can't help but notice that your clothes smell different. The French have a word for the residual smell of something. The word is sillage.

Here is a video of what dorm life is like in Moldova. The guy in the middle with the grey shirt and black sleeves is Alex. He stood up for me the day I got to Moldova. I wasn't supposed to be spending the night in the dorm and he got me in the building as his guest. There was a chance that he could have been kicked out of the building for harboring me. I found that people over there, at least the young people, were very polite and helpful.

Speak easy,

Today's Playlist:
Funny Farm (or music to accompany the voices in your head)

1. Animal Collective - Peacebone (Strawberry Jam)
2. The Fiery Furnaces - Nevers (Bitter Tea)
3. Man Man - Black Mission Goggles (Six Demon Bag)
4. Sufjan Stevens - Belly Button (A Sun Came!)
5. Tim Fite - Thought I Was a Gun (Fair Ain't Fair)
6. The Paper Chase - Said The Spider To The Fly (God Bless...)
7. Dresden Dolls - Girl Anachronism (Dresden Dolls)
8. Sufjan Stevens - Siamese Twins (A Sun Came!)
9. Neutral Milk Hotel - Marching Theme (On Avery Isle)
10. Radiohead - The Gloaming (Hail To The Thief)
11. The Robot Ate Me - You Don't Fill Me Up The Same (On Vacation Vol. I)
12. Modest Mouse - The Devil's Workday (Good News For People...)
13. Tom Waits - God's Away On Business (Blood Money)

This video is too funny to go without mention.

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Selina said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Gossip Girl or the OC and I find you more manly for admitting that you watch them. I believe you were the person who got me to watch the OC in the first place.

I think watching shows about people who are rich and who's worst problem is finding a date for the fancy snowflake ball is a nice excape from reality, so watch on! And keep cheering for Bluck (Blair + Chuck) to happen.

Oh- and did you know Ed Westwick is actually british??? He plays Chuck and has a wonderful British accent while speaking in interviews!