Saturday, November 29, 2008

Duck Tree

This evening I was trying to piece together the genealogy of the Duck family tree from the Duck Tales animated series. The task at hand (and lack of sleep) gave me a headache so I went online. I did end up finding a pretty extensive Duck family tree. The confusion was, for me, that Hooey, Dewey, and Lewie referred to Scrooge McDuck and Donald Duck as their uncle. Likewise, Donald Duck calls Scrooge his uncle. It turns out that Scrooge is Hooey, Dewey, and Lewie's great uncle, while Donald is their uncle. Donald Duck is the nephew of Scrooge McDuck. For some reason we also don't know the identity of Hooey, Dewey, and Lewie's father. The boys are also frequently seperated from their mother. Their story, as I see it, is a rather sad tale of a broken home.

This Thanksgiving break has completely whiped me out so I am going to go to bed. Tomorrow I will be back on track with my classes and some more conventional blogging.

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Selina said...

It is indeed a sad tale of a broken home, but at least they have a weird array of relatives with loads of investments! And- they're triplets, they could easily join the circus as a sideshow act!