Friday, June 12, 2009

"Chaos is yours and chaos is mine."

Last night I went to the Sunset Rubdown show (which was great and electric and everything you'd want from a rock concert that is set in the basement of a restaurant/club in Cambridge) and this evening I went to see Up (more depressing than I thought but they fit most of that into the first twenty minutes and also it has a lot of funny moments too). Driving in Boston is incredibly confusing and I would recommend getting into the city by using the T or getting a detailed road map before making any sort of trek. Also, if you are going by car, make sure that you find a decent parking garage. My friend Mike who was with me at the time mentioned that you are powerless to the parking garage. When you are leaving and you put the ticket into the machine and you see an amount of money on the screen, you have to pay it no matter what. You can't reason with the machine and you can't leave without paying it.

This video was taken by the guy standing two rows in front of me who had a completely shaved head and a blue polo shirt. It came out really good. I didn't meet him or anything, just found his video and blog through a Youtube search. The internet is nifty. There were three drummers during the song and there are little glowy balls positioned around the stage. Towards the back of the stage there were these weird trees with little disco balls nestled in them. It all made for very good atmosphere (something a lot of bands don't consider during their live sets).

There were two kids sitting in front of me when I went to see Up. One of them buried most of her head into a large empty bucket of popcorn about half way through the film. Once and a while I'll see kids do some spontaneous stuff, the kind they do without thinking or without trying to get a rise out of someone, and it's usually really funny. I guess most people just learn to be boring over time.

Speak easy,


sarah j. said...

d'ohhh i missed sunset rubdown here last night

Neil Everett said...

That's too bad. Spencer Krug does tour fairly often so I'm sure you could go see hi:m at some point in the next year. :)