Thursday, June 18, 2009

lowest prices of the season

My friend Ross bought a tent last year under the fake name "Steves B. Lippman". Once in a while he will receive mail for Steves. It really makes me wonder how easy it would be to create a person with their own social security card and birth certificate.

I was watching television this evening and noticed that there is a fairly apparent double standard that exists within the commercial breaks. Almost all women in commercials are 7's and most men have to be at least a 4 (and this is using the shallow scale from 1 to 10 to grade someone's looks). This can also be seen in television (The King of Queens) and film (any Judd Apatow film).

For my whole life I have been surrounded by cats and have had little to no experience living with dogs. For the last few days I have been sort of house sitting and living with a very sweet dog named Zeus. He really misses his owner and has been whimpering and been kind of down. My cat, as far as I know, doesn't seem to care at all if I am gone for months at a time. I'm pretty tired and start camp tomorrow so I can't really get into the difference between cats and dogs, although I do think it is kind of interesting. Right now I'm not sure exactly how often I will be able to update the blog in the coming weeks.

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Dell Smith said...

Once a while back, when I had roommates, I was moving from Connecticut back to the Cape. Before I left I sent in one of those cards they used to put in magazines: where you could check off, like, fifty different themes of advertising literature you wanted to receive (cars, clothes, speedboats, etc.) in the mail, and then just fill it out and mail it in. I signed the apartment's cat's name - Boo. I forget what I used for a last name. But apparently for months afterward, Boo got the most mail of anyone in the apartment.

Men as portrayed on TV (as a generalized character, MAN; or also SIR, HUSBAND, DUDE, BUD, BRO, and often, DOUCHE) have been getting short-changed for a good 20-25 years now. We are buffoons, and our wives and girlfriends (yes, usually much more attractive) bail us out every time. The women are always smarter, healthier, hotter, faster, and often younger. This goes for commercials and sit-coms mostly. It's time for men to reclaim their gender. Bring back the smart male. He's there in the real world, but hibernating in pop culture. It's time women got stupid for a change.