Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elephant Man

The weather keeps shifting from good to bad and so has me cold (at least I think it's a cold). I can get around fine but I have a sore throat, sinus problems, and a minor headache. Camp starts soon and I have almost nothing to do apart from what I give myself to do.

The Discovery channel has a new special about the Chinese Elephant Man. He has elephantitis of the face. They are doing a series of plastic surgeries to help keep him alive. Luckily he lives in the 21st century because he does have a chance. I feel like it isn't that difficult to watch because his face almost looks fake (like from a science fiction movie). It kind of makes me feel lucky for living in America and being healthy and having the chance to go to college.

"Mom...some people put their bras on that they are on the outside."
- A little girl that I overheard at the Gap while waiting for a friend who was in the changing room.

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