Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sticks and Stones

Today, I felt substantially better than I have all week, although I am developing an increasingly annoying canker sore in my mouth. Scales always seem to find a way of adjusting nicely.

A few years ago I put my laptop case down on a picnic table. When I picked it up again I noticed that there was some sort of animal droppings that I had put the case on top of without noticing. The person I was with, my girlfriend at the time, just laughed and said that I would have good luck coming my way. She said that she believed that if something bad happens to you then, in turn, something good will surely follow. It is the way that god balances one's life. I don't know I believe this but I would like to.

Earlier this afternoon I took a walk in the woods. On the side of one of the paths was this checkerboard, all set up and ready to be played with. It was a nice walk but the Winter coaxed me into forgetting all about mosquito bites and poison ivy. They do exist though, trust me on that.

I have just about 2 weeks before I start my work at the summer camp. This week is the first week in months were I haven't received a paycheck and it makes me very uneasy.

Speak easy,

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