Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monetizational Skills

I am helping my friend Ross house sit while his parents are at a motorcycle gathering. Camp starts on Friday and I am currently taking advantage of all of the free time I have right now. This evening I did a little bit of food preparation (I can't call it cooking because I didn't actually cook anything. The rice pictured below was not my doing. My friend Brooke took care of that because I am minority incompetent when it comes to simple, medial tasks.) The sushi tasted good but was sort of a failure because the rice didn't really stick to the seaweed because it wasn't cooked the right way. I didn't look online for ingredients or preparation tips. I assumed that my experience watching other people make sushi time and time again would suffice as far as putting together a sushi platter is concerned.

With some of the leftover sushi dressings I made a dessert. It contained the following ingredients...

- Cucumber
- Avocado
- Blueberries
- Orange
- Yogurt
- Apple
- Red Fruit Syrup

The avocado had a great texture but a weird taste.

Speak easy,

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Anonymous said...

looks delicous,
nothing like a heaping helping of GMO foods to start of your day.