Friday, June 5, 2009

Cold and rainy but I enjoy wearing thermal longsleeves.

I just got finished having an argument with my brothers about politics. This kind of divergence always puts me in a very annoyed state of mind because they seem to think that all police officers, world leaders, and government officials are out to put every last person in America on the terrorist watch list. We live in a consumerist society which makes marshal law highly unlikely. Worrying about this kind of thing seems like a lot of unneeded anxiety and paranoia. Also, civil liberties do not necessarily equate to freedom. There are countries that have all the civil liberties that they want but still do not consider themselves free people. They can not get visas out of their country whenever they want and they do not have the ability to follow their passion (ala art). Life is so much more pleasant without fear and I think that most people have little to be afraid of.

Fun Fact: Using the word "obvious" within an argument is one of the worst things you can do if you are trying to prove a valid point.

The actor David Carradine died the other day and authorities have been saying that the cause of death was most likely due to auto-erotic exfictiation. I won't explain what it is here because it is pretty graphic stuff.

This evening I wanted to watch a film that wasn't depressing or dark in tone. I think the only film that I could think of that wouldn't put me in a worse mood would be Catch Me If You Can (possibly my favorite movie of all time). It seems to me that good, quality films are often fairly depressing or at least contain some pretty depressing parts.

Should probably get to sleep because I am planning on attending my friends graduation in the AM. It will probably be the last graduation I go to for quite some time.

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