Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Beards. hedgehogs, and hillsides.

Lev wanted to know how much vitamin C one would have to take before it was lethal. I did some research and some math (which may very well be incorrect) and came to the conclusion that Lev would have to ingest over a million percent of his daily recommended vitamin C intake in order to overdose.

For some reason I constantly feel the need to separate being human from being an animal. It wasn’t until I was seven years old until I really understood that we were the same kind of biological organisms as dogs, cats, and hedgehogs. Before that I had just thought of human kind as bastardized angels with stripped wings. It seems to me that humans don’t want to face how human they are. Cloth covers skin as square houses are built on hillsides. Women shave their legs while men cut their hair short and trim their beards just so. I wonder how bears feel about being bears.

Speak easy,


Juliet's Rose said...

I really like your pooping/sleeping diagram.. but why must the circles intersect?!?! hehe. I was always the opposite of you as a child. I always considered that perhaps animals were the ones controlling and training us. Hah, well that's just silly, isn't it? *gets up to feed, walk, pet, and brush pets*

Selina said...

I hope that if I come back in another life, I'm a cat. Cat's have such a simple life and they are far too smart or clever to ever wonder if being a cat is better than being anything else, because they know it is. The egyptians had it right- worship cats.