Thursday, December 11, 2008

être vis-à-vis avec l'objet de votre raison d'être

I would have to say that skipping is by in large one the most underrated modes of transportation. There is really something to the carefree, rhythmic sway of a good skip. It is a shame that people shed such a negative light on the action. Granted one does look like a complete sissy when caught up in the throes of skipping so it is best to keep it a private affair. Trust me, if you find yourself in the woods on a picturesque spring day, it would be in your best interest to skip to your heart’s content. Let go!

Papers and finals have been monopolizing my schedule for the last few days. With each finished paper and each finished test comes a sense of elation; a wave of catharsis. Normally if I am feeling spiritually burdened I'll just get a haircut or throw some stuff away. Getting rid of something that you don't really want to get rid of (despite the fact that you may never use it again) is a great activity for a slow rainy afternoon. If you don't take a load off once in a while your life starts to get buried. It's best to keep things simple. Bare minimum tastes of cinnamon.

The power just went out in my building but my computer still has plenty of battery life left. Someday I want to go into the woods with a sleeping bag, a canteen, a good book, and a frying pan and experience life like Lewis & Clark. Electricity, unlike skipping, is totally overrated.

Speak easy,

P.S - If you like podcasts and you like comedy, I would like to recommend this week’s episode of Jordan, Jesse, Go! It is a pop culture/comedy podcast brought to you by the host of The Sound of Young America, a great interview podcast and radio show featured on NPR.


kat(hryn) said...

That inspirational video made my lol in my pants at the library, thank you.

Robin said...

Oooh, hope your power comes on soon! I just read that 1 million are sitting in the dark throughout Mass. and N.H. Love the part about a good skip!

Neil Everett said...

I think that the fact that I was capable of posting a blog proved that my power did turn on. Thanks for looking out for me though. Lev said that Worcester is still has no power. Thank goodness none of my classes were canceled.

Selina said...

I have been meaning to tell you- I'm quite impressed that you are taking French! I'm sure your professor is far superior to Madame Cushing of MHS fame. I have been trying to figure out your titles but my french is a bit poor. I have come to the conclusion this title means "to be with the object you love is the reason to be" or something like that.

wompopin (by far the best word verification yet)