Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yom kippur: self reflection and atonement

After taking a poll, a group of scientists banded together to create, what they predicted to be, 'the most wanted song' and 'the most unwanted song'. This makes absolutely no sense to me. If you refer back to my blog yesterday about what one conceives as perfection, you will recall that people are different beings with different desires. There is not one thing that everyone can agree upon. Hell, there isn't even a universal consensus on the wrongness of genocide. This just goes to show you, when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one. The money used to produce these tracks could have easily gone to cancer research.

I think its safe to conclude that scientists should stick to science and musicians should stick to music. A successful piece of art does not try to be successful, success is found somewhere between raw talent and flukes. Both songs are insufferable but the "least wanted" song is by far the more entertaining of the two. My favorite part is at the 8:37 mark. It's difficult to explain what it is and why I find it interesting. The brave can check it out for themselves.

The trailer for the Dragonball movie is laughable. This is probably a response to how well Transformers did in the box office. All we need is another crappy re-imagining of a campy nostalgia driven action sci-fi anime (not true, but we could use some more traditionally animated films). If this does become a trend I wouldn't mind seeing a decent live action FLCL, Cowboy Bebop or Digimon movie, but lets hope this doesn't catch on.

Speak easy,


Jim said...

How did you even come up with this?
I love the unwanted song. It's the best song I've ever heard. Opera Cowboy Rap with a late Beatles twist.

Selina said...

i think that the most unwanted song is likely to be more popular than the wanted song. People will try to defy the fact that it is unwanted and like it, whereas they don't want to become conforming sheep and will then dislike the most wanted song. Interesting...