Sunday, December 21, 2008

lion shaped hair hats

During the winter, the dry air results in persistent nose bleeds. Luckily for me, they don't often occur in public. I realized this evening that, after being subject to this pouring blood day after day, I have grown fairly callous to the whole experience. The sight of blood alarms most people but I see it as something to roll my eyes at. What is it that you think when you see the deep shade of liquid red? It is kind of strange when you think about all of the blood in all of the organisms in all of the different corners of the world. How it quickly moves through cold fingers and flushed cheeks. Whenever I am touching someone else I try really hard to remember the smooth skin on the surface and try desperately to forget all the blood and bones that lie beneath.

On the drive home from Amherst, Jim and I stopped at "Dave's Soda and Pet Supply" so that I could redeem my bottles and cans. For the most part Dave's looks like any other Pet Store, but beyond the industrial sized cases of cat food is a warehouse full of soda. Apparently Dave's was once exclusively a soda shop and For some reason or another they started selling pet supplies and, after a while, stopped carrying as much soda. Pets and soda are an odd pair.

The best songs end about 30 seconds earlier than you would like them to.

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Selina said...

I wonder what would happen if you feed a puppy a case of Red Bull. Hopefully a dog never gets loose and knocks over the cases of soda in Dave's Pet Supply and Soda!