Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dinosaurs that give birth

Moments ago I was walking up to the front entrance of the university Dining Common when I see, in my peripheral vision, that a girl is turning her head in my direction. Immediately following this, I hear her yell the word "Loser!" incredibly loud. My first thought was that it was someone that I knew but for some reason or another did notice (this happens more often than you would think). It turned out to be a girl just yelling into her cell phone. I was flustered and confused and she apologized. When people make rude gestures at me in public I usually don't take it personally. As I turned around to open the door I just heard her and her friend "aww" in unison, the way most teenage girls do. The sound was familiar but I can't recall the last time I heard it first hand.

Recently, on account of cold weather, I have been consistently putting on and taking off my black gloves. Every time I put them on, I do it very slowly and imagine that I am about to commit a murder. Non-diagetic ominous tones in my head heighten the mood. The laughing people in front of me, with their false sense of security, are none the wiser. Once the tips of my fingers reach the end of the glove the mood is shattered and everything goes back to regular speed.

Speak easy,

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Selina said...

I quite like the venn diagram in this. People who yell loudly on cell phones in public are not cool at all.

I work at a piercing place and whenever I pierce someone's ears, I put on the gloves and make sure they make the scary loud sound of the latex slapping into place on my hand so that I frighten the children into not moving. It tends to work remarkably well.