Saturday, December 6, 2008

more theremin, less hockey

I believe that there could exist a perfect sentence. One that contains just the right amount of words, perfectly crafted, and with more meaning than any utterance could ever hold. My only worry is that I may have already come across it.

Lev told me that I should post something embarrassing on the blog because over Thanksgiving break I was unable to update. It's hard for me to figure out what I should post because when I sit down and think about what I find embarrassing about myself, I come up short. One thing that I guess is embarrassing about me is that my bottom teeth are all jumbled up. Most people don't notice because when I smile I don't show my teeth. There is a tooth in front of my incisor that probably doesn't need to be there. Lev said it looks creepy.

These are two images that I made a while back that I am thinking about silk screening onto T-shirts.

Right now I am checking to see how much it will cost to fly round trip to London. The price of the tickets aren't too bad but the fees and taxes are ridiculous. The cost for tickets is about $450 and the total, which includes all additional costs, is around $900. It will be worth it. Europe is like Montreal but without all of the hockey.

Speak easy,

Today's Playlist:

1. Bing Crosby - Happy Holidays (Beef Wellington Remix) (Christmas Remixed)
2. The Ravonettes - The Christmas Song (The OC: Mix 3)
3. Vince Guaraldi - Christmas Is Coming (Charlie Brown Christmas OST)
4. Sufjan Stevens - I Saw Three Ships (Song For Chirstmas: Vol. II)
5. Ben Kweller - Rock of Ages (The OC: Mix 3)
6. Bright Eyes - Blue Christmas (A Christmas Album)
7. Kay Starr - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (Stuhr Remix) (Christmas Remixed)
8. The Eels - Christmas Is Going To The Dogs (The OC: Mix 3)
9. Matt Pond PA - Holiday Road (Winter Songs)
10. Bright Eyes - Silver Bells (A Christmas Album)
11. Ron Sexsmith - Maybe This Christmas (The OC: Mix 3)

*This was a picture I took in Foster, RI. Someone actually had this display in their front yard. Someday I may make it into a Christmas card.*


Here is a video I found fairly entertaining. It is of a cat playing a theremin.


Andrew (F.E.U.) Lippman said...

Oddly enough I looked up the same tickets today and got the same price. I think this means we must travel to Europe. I mean what are the odds we both look up tickets to England?

Jim said...


Selina said...

Check out Round trip to London for $541 and that include travle insurance.

Come to Europe in July... I'll be there and we can explore together!