Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hampster on a Piano

I found a bunch of stuff on the ground over the past few days.

This one was in the first floor of the Franklin dining hall. Everyday I pick up little scraps of paper hoping that I will find something of interest.

This one was on the sidewalk near the Fine Arts Center.

It is ripped in half so the message is incomplete. If you can't read it, here is a transcription...


10/12 is Young Jin Choi
...brown eyes and my dress. Sometime is Jin, cat. Bunny Because
...Play I Play with dance
...nce is funny and Play well is Adele and Andrea

This little circle of metal, that I found in front of Brett House, is sitting on my desk. I use it to remind something important. To practice reserve.

re⋅serve [ri-zurv]

1. to keep back or save for future use, disposal, treatment, etc.
2. to retain or secure by express stipulation.
3. to set apart for a particular use, purpose, service, etc.
4. to keep for oneself.

definition from

It's something to think about.

Apparently the Nickelodeon cable channel has discovered the type of humor that Generation Z is interested in. What I am talking about is the random, high paced type of comedy that children love. This consists of quick jump cuts and people sprouting jumbled nonsense. If anyone can do it, it probably isn't very good.

EPIC JOURNEY by david heatley

"I'm a little boy. The people closest to me have all been badly hurt. We walk together. We fight with each other. We fight horrible people who try to attack us. We find the original cause of all the hurt. He's a sad, scared, feeble little boy, too. He cowers in front of us, wretched, filthy and broken. We surround him with love and he is healed. He joins us. We keep walking."

Speak easy,


Liz (made in lowell) said...

Excellent finds! I hope we got you hooked, but maybe you have the proclivity inherent. P.S. Hampster on a Piano

Neil Everett said...

It is something I'm sure I would do anyway but you definitely brought the subculture to my attention. The process is now more of a conscious effort on my part. I will probably send that into found at some point.