Friday, February 13, 2009

Mistakes Men Make: Part II

The following is a continuation of yesterdays list of mistakes men general make in the dating world. A list I acquired from this website.

6. Not "Getting" How Attraction works For Women.

What Does This Mean?: Women are not as conventionally shallow as men are.

- First off I would like to draw attention to all of the improperly placed quotations marks implemented in the titles of these mistakes. How do they change how you read the title in any way? Are they implying something? Are they quoting someone? There are superficial women and superficial men. The article implies that the Woody Allen syndrome applies to anyone with two X chromosomes.

7. Thinking That It Takes Money And Looks.

What does this Mean?: Women are more attracted to a man's personality than his looks or money.

- These mistakes seem to be getting a little redundant. Some people find good looks and money an attractive quality in a person. I would have to say that there are plenty of women that would give up their husbands for a chance with George Clooney.

8. Giving Away All Of Your Power To Women.

What does this mean?: Men let women walk all over them. Women hate it.

- I don't really understand the whole power dynamic. A real relationship takes agreement and sacrifices. Did one of the Wonder Twins have two rings? No. They each had a ring and they each had something to bring to the table. Also, I would like to add that some women do like it when they have complete control over the relationship. I also feel like this power struggle stuff doesn't happen all that often.

9. Not Knowing EXACTLY What To Do In Each Type Of Situation With Women.

What does that mean?: Women know exactly what men are thinking at all times. If you don't anticipate every move you make, you will be lost.

- Women get nervous and confused just like men do. The only difference is the pressure is often on the man to make the first move. That is just the dichotomy. With a little bit of confidence (or, if you don't have any, you can use alcohol as a substitute) and intuition everything should be fine. If you're not sure, try dropping little hints maybe.

10. Not Getting Help.

What does that mean?: If you buy the author's book and subscribe to his newsletter, you too can date models, actresses, or even the girl next door.

- The biggest mistake a man can make is to not buy a self help book? And this coming from the author of said book. The thing that intrigues me about this is that the website exists and I assume that there are people will pay any amount of money to become someone else. A better version of themselves. Someone that can get the girl he wants even if he is poor and ugly. Be confident, be comfortable, be yourself. If she's interested and you're interested, something will probably happen.

Finding your better half is like shopping for a pair of shoes (and I apologize for sounding like Carrie Bradshaw). You want comfort and looks. You would like something reasonable. If it fits, it fits. For the last 6 years I have been buying the same pair of Pumas over and over again. I don't know if that means anything.

I'm probably going to wrap up the evening by watching the movie Funny Games, which is very un-Valentines day but since when do holidays have to feel like holidays? The best days are the ones that surprise you (and the worst days too, come to think of it).

If this was an event in the summer Olympics, I would most definitely tune in.

Speak easy,

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Anonymous said...

Funny Games was an excellent movie. The last scene was absolutely chilling, and I'm not very easily frightened.