Friday, February 20, 2009

Snowflakes and Spinart

Tonight I went to a rave in North Hampton. It is a pretty interesting experience. The music is loud (sizzling), most of the people are in an altered state ("Rollin" or Drunk), and the lights scatter like snowflakes and spinart. To the best of my knowledge, going to a rave is probably something reserved for those in their late-teens, early 20's. When you enter, you either get a wristband (to show that you are 21 and old enough to order drinks at the bar) or "X"s drawn in sharpie on either hand (to show that you are not). Most of the people with "X"s on their hands are drunk anyway because they pre-game (or drink alcohol beforehand) or just sneak drinks into the club. Girls that are under 21 usually get drinks anyway by propositioning men with wristbands some beer so that they can replace some of their blood for alcohol. When alcohol replaces blood in the your bloodstream you tend to act stupid. It's science.

The dancing itself will often involve moving the arms, legs, and body in a rhythmic fashion until exhaustion. Even cold sober, the abundance of people, the lights, and the sounds can easily discombobulate one into a confused/drunken state of mind. You don't try to dance, you just do. The only people who really stand out are the ones not dancing, or the ones who take their shirts off.

The rave was held at Diva's, known for being NoHo's premier gay bar. Once in a while UMass will throw a student run event there (not specifically aimed at homosexuals). The only part of the rave that I find specifically uncomfortable is the restroom situation. In these bars there is always some guy looming in the bathroom waiting for someone to make a subtle pass at him.

This is Michaela (some girl who went to High School with Lev), Lev (my roommate), and me. Somehow the flash makes me looks specifically pale.

Speak easy,

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Arleen said...

at first glance you looked shirtless in that picture and it made me wonder if you were one of those people standing out..