Friday, February 27, 2009

Unfit For Gymnast

Cat: My spirit is being crushed within the machinery of industrial society!

Mouse: Your failing is lack of hard work and diligence.


Cat: When I was young I was just like you - small, ballsy, and hungry!

Mouse: Oh, well I hoped you changed for the best...


Mother, if my constitution is unfit for gymnast…the grist mill shall become my pommel horse and daily labor my reward!


Oh, trust me, I won't be small and helpless forever...but my memory's perfect!


While perusing the internet for information on the new Venture Brothers DVD (which I highly recommend netflixing if you are a fan of The Tick, Johnny Quest, or intelligently penned animated comedies) I came across a website of Soviet Lolcats. They aren't as goofy or abstract as the classic Lolcats, but they are still enjoyable.

The video David at the Dentist makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I don't understand why a father would videotape his eight year old son in a seemingly traumatic state and then subsequently put in on the internet for the world to see. Granted, the child probably loves the attention, but I feel like there is a little bit of exploitation going on. The internet is just one big grey mess.

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