Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Your Heart Protected?

Snakes smell with their tongues and think with their stomachs. Go figure.

Apparently they don't make emotional condoms. That makes me sad.

The literal Russian to English translation of the word cousin is "Second Brother/Sister".

In my peripheral vision I see a nun sitting at one of the circular tables eating a sandwich. My thought process goes something like this...
...hey, it's a nun having breakfast.
...she looks kind of ugly.
...that nun's a man
...oh, that's right, it's Halloween.

I spent my Halloween watching Kid Nation and Curb Your Enthusiasm.


Only eight days of classes left until I have to take my finals. My vacation to Moldova couldn't come soon enough. Mariana couldn't get a visa to meet me in Romania, so this cowboy is going to have to find his way from the Bucharest airport to the Bucharest train station. It seems simple but this is in a country where English is not the primary language. On top of that I will be in a state of sleep deprivation and general confusion.
I went to Andrew's last Saturday for a house party (drinks consisted of Mountain Dew and Mug root beer), and I was happy to be around normal, functioning people. It made me more determined than ever to transfer out of Umass Dartmouth.


It is currently around 7 a.m. and I have only slept for a few hours. In twelve hours I will be boarding a plane to Romania (with a layover in Amsterdam) and then get on a bus to get to Moldova. It's all very nerve racking/exciting/exhausting. I've never traveled alone, and additionally, have never really traveled. Oh well. I'm just hoping I come back alive.


Just some exerts from an old blog that I pretty much neglected from the start. The only way I can manage a blog is if I update on a daily basis. That's just the kind of person I am. Actually, this afternoon I checked Wikipedia to see if I possibly have an acute case of Autism. I don't. :(

Instead of doing my French homework I have been watching old episodes of Jake and Amir. C'est la vie.

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