Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Old, The Young, and The Oligarkh

I just got back from a poetry reading. The speaker was Tomaz Salamun. He was an older, gracious gentlemen. He spoke softly and genuine. Someday I will be old and will finally be able to always speak from the heart.

The following is a poem of his that was translated from Slovenian.
The Man I Respected
by Tomaz Salamun

When I returned from Mexico, I looked like
death. My mouth collapsed
and disintegrated. I was paying a penalty
for my sins, my palate had dissolved.
I could touch my brain with my tongue.
It was painful, horrible and sweet.
While Svetozar sat outside in the waiting room,
I tore down the instrument case.
No, I am not being precise: he left the office
before me, I only suspected who he was, I didn’t even
know him. When I sat in the chair,
my energy tore down the instrument case.
To pass from world to world
means an earthquake. Yesterday he died.

English majors mosh over micro-brews and upper shelf baked goods.

On the way home it was snowing. The kind of light snow that rolls down your arm and only fully reveals itself in street lamps. I know that all snowflakes are different but they all looked the same to me. Still beautiful.

This week for my film class I watched Tycoon: A New Russian. It is a little like a contemporary Russian Citizen Cane, but with a little more intrigue. I would recommend adding it to your Netflix queue.

Although the computer for every child movement sounds like a good idea, I believe that the last thing children need are personal computers. Most kids will just use a computer for 1) video games, 2) instant messenger/social networking sites, and 3) Pornography. Children need to be guided, not stricken with choices and power. A great alternative program would be to create more Internet caf├ęs.

Instead of doing homework today I spent most of my time tending to nose bleeds. There were three total and altogether drowned an hour and a half of my time. If anyone has any recommendations on how to prevent nosebleeds, please send them my way.

Speak easy,

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