Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Revolution Will Be Televised (on YouTube)

Small pumpkins are relatively indestructible. Last fall Lev received a baby pumpkin as a gift. On the front was a jack o lantern grin with sharpie marked stick figure arms outstretched. His rear end was branded with three bold letters (L - E - V). Little Lev, as he was known later on in his life, had drawings of his two favorite pass times on either side of him - Vodka and Techno, respectively.

Last week when we moved back to Amherst we were sad to see that Little Lev had grown mushy in his old age. Lev jammed some old fire crackers into him and we took the little guy to the sidewalk adjacent to Greenough Hall to blow him up. We decided it would be a good send off (like the kind that Pippin thought he wanted in the play Pippin). The firecrackers went off but did little damage to Little Lev. The next logical step was to throw him against a brick wall. This proved to be another fruitless attempt at destruction. Lev's friend Matt ended up throwing him up on to someones balcony in Orchard Hill.

This evening I made some Top Ramen in my coffee maker. It felt very college.

I've noticed that I stopped watching anything of national importance because of the video beehive that is YouTube. In this digital age just about everything is tracked and recorded and contained on a coded page. Windows and wallpaper are not not simply physical objects anymore. During the Obama Inauguration I was at Stop and Shop buying grapes (on sale for $.99/lb).

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