Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From The Pockets Of Our Long Johns

Yesterday I was unable to post. I could give excuses, but none of them would be reasons. Yes, I don't have to update everyday, but if I didn't keep on top of it I think it would fade away into the back catalog of the interweb. Below are some pieces of identification that I find specifically embarrassing.

I just had my guitar restrung and it sounds really good. It seems really strange to me how we can create so many different songs out of just 12 different notes. Those various pitches bring forth chords and harmonies and emotion and beauty. Letters of the alphabet also carry so much potential. Within the confines of 26 different symbols, one may express an infinite amount of thoughts and ideas and expressions. People are always focused on quantity and how much more they need. But do we really need more? Maybe what we have, what limited resources we have in our library, is enough. Maybe what is left in our pockets will suffice.

Perception, the final frontier. The inescapable 'I'.

Last year I did a quasi-photo shoot with Brad. It was incredibly spontaneous and I used a disposable camera. These are some of the pictures from that day. I'll post some more later.

Speak easy,

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Selina said...

I really like the picture of Brad in the middle sliding down a hill with a banjo. Very classy.

Realizing that there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, and those single 26 letters can compose millions upon millions of books, and fill up any number of space is a bit scary and makes me feel a bit insignificant. I wish I was even as cool as the letter 'Q' which is not really used all that often, but without it, there wouldn't be Queens, Quails or unique... Hmmm