Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Ripples That Contort Reflections

The other day I was at the super market with my friend Mike. Instead of walking through the OUT door, he walked up to the IN door. It didn't open and he laughed. He said that he wasn't thinking and for some reason he thought the IN on the IN door signaled people to walk IN to the outside world. Sometimes you're tired and don't stop to think. The most obvious things are sometimes only obvious to you.

I heard that Russia cut off its oil supply to many eastern block countries. At another time in my life, not even that long ago, this information would have meant nothing to me. However, I do now know people in Moldova, which I believe is affected by this. Its strange how your world can open up in such a way. How the thousands of miles of ocean and land unravel and being important to you. Not just as a star on a map, but as a home to people that you care for. The distance doesn't change. You change.

This afternoon I was talking to my brother in the car, driving home from getting a cup of coffee. He was talking about alcohol and told me that as you drink, your brain starts to shut down. The numbness starts in the frontal lobe and slowly works its way all the way back to the occipital bone. The occipital bone is the little nub that you run into if you trace your spinal chord up past your neck. Apparently your brain peels back kind of like a banana peel. Past a certain point of intoxication, he said, people become like animals. He believes that this is where the term 'party animal' originated. For some reason this topic took an odd turn to the topic of rape. A malicious act that is oh so commonplace in the animal kingdom. Humans, on the other hand, are logical and should know better than to put another human being in such horrific circumstances. I do not condone any form of rape, be it human on human, cat on cat, or anything in between.

This evening I received the news that this summer I will be the Arts & Crafts Department Head at an summer camp. It will be interesting to be in a position of power and importance. My voice is not very assertive and does not carry well in large crowds, which is why I have decided to invest in a bull horn.

Speak easy,

P.S - I will try and construct a list for the contemporary gentlemen at some point this week.


Selina said...

I'm super pumped that you will post your gentlemen list!!! Also, congrats on being named Arts and Crafts director! I'm quite skilled at knitting and crocheting if you would care for some tips.

Going to UNH which right now is considered (I believe at last count) the number 11 party school in the country, I can certainly see where the term party animal came from. Considering that most people here drink at least 2, on average 3 and on occasion 4 nights a week, after awhile giving in to primal urges makes the most sense.

PS- You missed a day. I'm looking forward to your embarrassing fact.

Neil Everett said...

I am actually a day behind. Usually I don't post the blog for Saturday until Sunday night. The day is not lost or missing, just a little displaced.