Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day I Lost My Knife

In a few days I'll be going back to college, going back to live with Lev and work on school projects again. Being back on the Cape is nice but I am constantly surrounded by people, which, if you can imagine, can get pretty exhausting. Socializing can be great, but everyone needs a little down time. Sometimes when I am driving, I like to just let my mind go numb and stretch out over the landscape. Without thought, without worry. It is incredibly relaxing. When people are driving with me and talking or arguing, I get very frustrated because my mind can't expand with distractions. I can't reach a point of meditation with so much external distraction. Do yourself a favor and, once in a while, release yourself from thought. Let your mind go where it wants. Sometimes when I am freed up, thoughts and ideas just drop by to pay a visit. When you stop looking for everything, you'd be surprised how much everything will find you.

This afternoon, Mike and I were sitting around and came up with a track listing for an album that doesn't exist. It's a little stupid, but you can look through it and imagine what each song would probably sound like.

Faraway Land by Ghost Folk

1. Ancient Harp
2. I Need Something To Write On
3. Skin Graft - Beat Box
4. *~; or Snowman Bicycle Race
5. Easy Eyes, Behind Enemy Lines
6. The Day I Lost My Knife
7. Momentary Bison Fight
8. Boy Surfer (Escape Artist By Trade)
9. My Bark Is Worse Than My Byte (Instrumental)
10. Drop Tonic
[secret song]
Falling, Flailing, Fighting...Longing

Speak easy,

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