Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Difference Between Doctors and Pilots

A year ago today I was almost half way across the world drinking wine and relatively incapable of verbal communication. A lot seems to have changed but there are still plenty of constants that bleed through my day to day life.

I believe that waiting in an airport terminal contains the opposite sentiment to waiting in a hospital lobby. There is this energy that you feel in the terminal that is unexplainable. Every second is one second closer to your destination. The hospital always gives me no sense of progress, just worry and agitation. Maybe the airport terminal is like a hub of life and energy, while the hospital feels more like a hub of death and suffering.

Both my father and I have been using these 'pay as you go' phones for a few years. This results in both of us desperately trying to keep our phone conversations under 60 seconds. Usually when I call someone else I can't achieve this goal. When I call my dad we will often be able to say all we have to say in about 20 seconds. By keeping it pithy I have gained some great mental/verbal impromptu organizational skills.

Speak easy,

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Selina said...

Is that the same cell phone that you got as a gift a few years ago?? I was actually wondering yesterday whether you had gotten a phone with a real minute plan yet! And at least you aren't like one of those loud people who always interrupt everyone with their loud voice and their extremely important conversation!