Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A = πr²

Generally I advocate ridding one's self of worldly possessions. Not in the Japanese extremest empty naked home kind of way, but more leaning towards the freedom of unnecessarily belongings. However, this sentiment is not confined to the realm of physical objects. The mind can carry quite a burden of misinformation, useless tidings of popular culture, and hate mongering chapter and verse.

What is more important - the knowledge you gain at a University or the diploma?

Last night I was at the super market with Jim. Clementines were on sale for 4.99 USD/.45 kg, which is a fantastic deal. I am considerably low on funds at the moment so it took a lot of persuasion, on Jim's part, to get me to purchase them. The girl at the register (poorly tanned but nice all the same) rang the fruit through. She started to say the price, and then "'s free. You have points...or had points." Great news. Apparently, if you have someone in your household working for the Stop and Shop corporation, you build up points on your card, which pile up and eventually bloom into a free box of clementines.

Lev and I were arguing today about the most effective way to do abdominal workouts. Most people do crunches or sit ups incorrectly, which can be really bad for your neck and your back. I am one of those people. At one point, I decided to take out the blue fitness ball that has been in my bottom drawer since the beginning of last semester. One of the reasons I have not used it is that I misplaced the plug that keeps the air in. After some improvisation I realized that, for some strange reason, a cotton swab actually does the job perfectly.

Something interesting about the cotton swab (if there is such a thing) is that most cotton swabs do not advertise that they are suitable to clean the ear. Technically you are supposed to buy specialty ear cleaner in order to remove excess ear wax from your external auditory meatus.

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