Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Way I Spent The End Of The World

Since I signed up for classes so late, I didn't have a range of courses to pick from. What I did was I made a dummy schedule made up of three or four courses that were not full and that also fit into my major. For some reason I didn't bother to check what those courses were until today. It was a pleasant surprise to see that I had taken the liberty to sign up for another film class. Although I wasn't planning on getting a minor in Film, it may be stupid not to at this point since I am basically half way to a minor anyway.

The course, Comp-Lit 382 (Cinema and Psyche), is based on both the dismemberment of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The film we watched today was called 'Cum Mi-am Petrecut Sfarsitul Lumii' (or The Way I Spent The End Of The World). It is a Romanian film that takes place in 1989, the last year of the Ceausescu's dictatorship. Although the budget for the film was relatively nonexistent, on account of it being an independent film and also Romanian, it is still really good. The depiction of everyday life in the small Romanian town was very similar to what I experienced when I took a trip to that part of the world. I would definitely recommend it.

This evening Jim and I took a long bus ride around Amherst. There were two drunk girls talking incredibly loud. One of them was carrying a plastic Little Mermaid cup filled with whiskey. The girl holding the cup spilled some of the whiskey on her friend's jacket. For some reason they thought everything they did or said was absolutely hilarious. It seems kind of strange to me that some people can make room for that kind of fun on a week day.

I have decided to let Lev make most of my life decisions for me. This is something I started this morning and it has been working out pretty well.

Speak easy,

P.S - Another Romanian indie film, 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days, is currently on YouTube. I haven't watched it yet but I hear it is quite good.

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