Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Intersection On Dry Hollow

One of my greatest fears, besides the fear of heights or the fear of bottomless seas, is the fear of falling face first onto a coffee mug. I drink a lot of coffee, so I feel as if I have a greater chance of this happening to me than the average person. The mug, hard and ceramic, would either not break and jam hard into my face, or break and lodge shards of mug into my face. My brother claims that this happened to someone on the cape, someone who died promptly following the horrific excursion*. This notion gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, I now know that this accident is possible. On the other hand, what are the chances that this type of thing will happen again on Cape Cod? Probably fairly low. I try to drink from a styrofoam cup, if I can help it.

Scientists believe that the universe was immaculately conceived and that all men exist through natural conception. Christians believe that the universe was rationally conceived and one man (Jesus) was immaculately conceived. Either way, there is a great unknown. Both sides have such confidence in their theories and beliefs. Personally, I think it might be easier if we all just focused on the future. We have so many birthday cakes to look forward to.

The following story is one that I wrote in July 2004. It eventually made it into my senior project.

The Intersection On Dry Hollow

The streets were dark. James checked his watch. 10:28. He wanted to get there early. If he was late, she would leave. She wouldn't stand for him being late.

"It's going to work out." He told himself. "Everything's going to work out."

James got to the end of Old Pine and turned down Maple.None of the street lights were on. He had a few bad experiences. After each ordeal, he would always end up alone. He had a tendency to drive people away.James got off Maple and made his way up Dry Hollow.

He checked his watch. 10:30.

He told her he would meet her at half past ten. He told her he wouldn't be late.James picked up his pace. He passed another street light. There was a couple on the bench to his left. He felt their eyes on him. He had no objections to public displays of affection, but it was another subtle reminder that he was still alone.

A bead of sweat trickled down his face, past his chin, and down his neck. He kept a steady pace. James heard his pulse, thumping, tucked underneath his left ear.

James checked his watch. 10:32.

James checked his watch. 10:32.

That fantastic feeling, that uplifting feeling, the feeling that would make James forget that he was ever alone. This was his goal. This is why he was meeting Ashley. This is why he was out after dark. James checked his watch. 10:33.

He could make out someone standing on the next street corner. It was Ashley...waiting...for him. James stopped in his tracks.

He checked his pockets, his wallet was in his right pocket. It was there. James let out a sigh of relief.

James collected his thoughts, took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and started towards the lit clearing ahead. It happened very quickly.He reached into his pocket, handed her the money, and cracked a joke. She handed him a small plastic bag. He had it in his hand. His heart skipped a beat. When he looked up, Ashley was gone.

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