Thursday, January 15, 2009

low tide (on multiple occasions)

The recession effects everyone in different ways. Today I asked the manager of the package store that I work at if there has been any major change in how much business they receive. It turns out that there are more individual customers, despite the fact that the store is making less money than it does on average. This means that more people are drinking, but everyone is either buying cheaper alcohol or just buying less alcohol. The store has also experienced an influx of lottery patrons. Cigarette sales are relatively the same.

The other day I was in the Gap buying some argyle socks. The woman at the checkout looked incredibly familiar but I couldn't tell exactly where I had seen her before. This experience was part mind-numbing and part head-ache inducing. She didn't look out of place behind a counter, but I knew that she was also not the kind of person that would potentially start a conversation with me. It wasn't until the next day that I remembered who she was. You can never remember anything when you want to. It turns out that she was the bank teller that I used to see once a week when I went to go cash my pay checks. There are so many people in your orbit that don't even contribute to your life in any way at all. They are like extras in your movie and, likewise, you are an extra in theirs.

I should have known better than to... an entire spoonful of cinnamon. a cat while my food is on the kitchen table.
...leave my clothes out on the shoreline during low tide (on multiple occasions).
...forget my Land Before Time VHS tape in the hot car when I was 8.

Armadillos are now officially known as 'turtle squirrels'.

Speak easy,

P.S - Embarrassment will come tomorrow. I just need to figure out the technological end of it.

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Selina said...

The recession is killing business in a lot of different places. Working at the mall and going hours without making a sale and working at an over priced hotel that constantly has at least 45 (out of 87) rooms available for rent makes me wonder how long it will take before business picks up.

Ironically, the amount of letters has picked up more than before (I notice because I also work in the mailroom). I wonder if people would rather write letters than spend the money needed to come visit people.

gradwat (a person who sneaks in uninvited to graduation ceremonies to hear the important graduation speaker)