Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mettons nos lunettes de soleil. On va avoir l'air mysterieux!

Today, instead of using my own photography, I thought I would showcase some pictures that I found while roaming through my friend's Facebook photo albums.

Taken by Lev. He entered this to be in some sort of summer car calendar competition and he got it. Lev's only regret is that the two people in the car were not attractive females.

Taken by Brooke. This photograph is responsible for making her a finalist in the 29th Annual College Photography Contest.

I got this from Tim Kelly's profile. Between the colors, the expression, and the overall layout, I think it is a great picture.

This is Andrew, unsure if he will be able to walk on solid ground.

Today I was using the restroom at the Franklin Dining Common and there was a guy at the urinal using his cell phone. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen. It wasn't as annoying as witnessing a driver using a cell phone, or as inconsiderate as someone using their cell phone at the check out counter. The most interesting thing that I have noticed is that these phone conversations never seem to be very important.

Speak easy,

P.S - I finished watching '4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days'. Although it was a great film, I don't feel comfortable recommending it.

Also, the title of today's blog is something I found in my French book. It means "Let's put on our sunglasses. We'll look mysterious!"


kat(hryn) said...

I see you used my slogan for Lev's photography. Amazing.

I just watched a movie called The Secretary that was good and not a bad movie but... eh... I'd never feel comfortable recommending it. It was about sado masochism. I definitely wasn't prepared for it with the title.

Neil Everett said...

Someone actually recommended that movie to me a few years ago. I kind of liked it but thought it was strange that someone would point anyone else in that direction.

I didn't add the caption. Lev did.