Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today I bought a record to play in the record player that I recently set up in my room. It seems kind of strange that they no longer produce tapes or eight tracks, but they still make records. If they've lasted this long, I think they may be here long after compact discs are nothing more than a memory. When DVDs came out it (good storage space, clear picture, smaller case) seemed like the end all for the home video market. Now we have the Blu-Ray Disc and in a few years, everyone (even your grandpa) will convert over to the new format. It occurs to me, in all of this progressive technological pondering, that what really matters is the content.

Books are one format whose longevity never ceases to surprise me. They have been, and they will be. No matter how much technological advances, I am sure that books will remain on the shelves for years to come. Pixels can not beat the warmth and textured pages of a Bukowski anthology.

It seems to me that humans advance and die and advance and die and advance and maybe someday we won't have to do either.

If everyone knew everything would anyone want to do anything?

I'm getting pretty tired and should probably head off to sleep before I get anymore abstract. Although I am kind of in the middle of my winter vacation, I feel this looming discontent that is school monopolizing my thoughts. Life without dangling carrots can be pretty annoying.

Speak easy,

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Selina said...

Books have remained, but technology does still try to sink its teeth into them. Amazon has that Kindle thing which is an electronic book reader and I have a collection of fairy tales on my Ipod and there are ways you can download books onto PDAs and even phones, but I could never see real books being totally replaced by technology.