Saturday, January 24, 2009

Turtle Racing

This afternoon I arrived back in Amherst. I am rooming with Lev again this semester and it already feels like home. Last semester I took an uncomfortable amount of classes, so this semester I am taking it easy.

The smell of the dorms, which smells kind of like a faint odor of all different kinds of fabric softener with a hint of Chinese food, is inescapable. I really love how smell is linked to memory. On a subconscious level it almost takes you back to a different time. My brother said that since he started smoking, his sense of smell has diminished, resulting in a dulled memory.

Sometimes if I think hard enough I start to smell distant places that are now just settings in my head.

When I am about town and find myself without a notepad, I will usually use the notepad feature on my cell phone. Most of the notes are just reminders of books or musical artists that I think might be worth looking up. The following is a list of notes that have piled up on my phone over the past year.

1) Restless vir
2) Brennos grill thu 8 turtle racing
3) Friendship. An Expose
4) Fine frenzy
5) Coco main
6) Adele
7) Loose girl
8) Man man. Zycos
9) Moose
10) Teenage
11) Book promiscuity
12) The acorn
13) Disturbed
14) Dark meat
15) Mstrkrft
16) my little radio

I am feeling fairly sick and exhausted so I am going to head off to bed.

Speak easy,

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