Tuesday, February 3, 2009

L'eau Rouge

Herpes is plural for herpum.

Over the last few days I have been getting some terrible nosebleeds. Last night I was leaning over my desk waiting for my nose to cease and desist for an hour and a half. At one point Lev recommended that I drip the blood into a cup so I can see the accumulation. Upon my nostril's ebb, I had a decent sized mug just about half full of l'eau rouge. When I attempted to poor the contents into the sink, it flopped down gweet like a can of cranberry sauce. It proceeded down the drain and I had to flick on the garbage disposal to get rid of it. Not a pretty sight. The end of this story, however, is a happy one. I bought some saline nasal spray, as Jim advised, and am on track for better days.

My dad told me previously that nasal spray only irritates the nostril. This was actually what happened with the bad, bad nosebleed. I started dropping the solution into my nose instead of forcing it, so everything is going well.

I did not update yesterday so I am inclied to reveal that I did watch Powerpuff Girls up until the beginning of my senior year of High School. One of my closet interests is animation. Before I wanted to do anything, I wanted to be an animator. When I have a working wacom tablet I will spend hours and hours animating individual frames. In a way animation is one of the purest art forms. There is an artist behind every single every inch of the image, from first frame to last, and nothing exists outside the field of vision. The product is a culmination of so many different talents and art forms.

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