Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fly Trapped In An Octopus Web

Last week I was cleaning the dust out from under my bed and found this dust bunny that looked remarkably similar to an actual bunny. Are they called "dust bunnies" because of the way that they seem to multiply if you leave them alone?

I was planning on reading for the better part of today, but instead Lev and I ended up playing a lengthy game of ultimate frisbee. For anyone that hasn't played it before, it is kind of like soccer but you use a frisbee. For the better part of the game I ran around barefoot. This probably wasn't the best idea because now I have three blisters on my feet. Two on the right foot and one smaller one on my left foot. I guess that being the dominant foot can have its drawbacks. It was a really nice day out (Lev said the high for today was 91 degrees).

"What do you think about this?...what if instead of Jesus being crucified, he was water boarded?"
- Some weird guy walking his bike away from a bar in Amherst Center at 10 pm on a Saturday night.

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