Friday, April 17, 2009

Regarder, Rêver.

It was Friday and payday, which are fairly valid reasons to go see a movie. I went to Adventureland (although I was also thinking about Sunshine Cleaners). The film was alright, although I don't think I enjoyed it quite as much as I thought I would. There were some people sitting behind me talking fairly loud towards the beginning, and towards the end of the film I noticed a man to my right who may or may not have been pleasuring himself under a long coat.

Never eat mustard packets in public. No one will take you seriously.

Someone told me that the restaurant Hooters is a more seedy environment than a strip club. It has something to do with how much a man has to spend (which happens to be a lot) in order for a strip club waitress (or stripper, I guess I could call them strippers) to pay any sort of attention to him. I have never been to either, although if I had to choose I would probably go to Hooters (I've been told they have great chicken).

I was going to hand in an application to attend a class at Amherst college (the more prestigious Amherst college), but when I went to the office to hand in the paperwork, I found that it wasn't open. There just wasn't anyone there. The deadline has passed so I guess I won't be able to take Medieval Poetry. Oh well.

The weather has been great. That is one nice thing I would like to point out.

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