Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life in the Fifth Dimension

Today I was watching a video on the computer and, in my mind, started mapping it out dimensionally. Both real life and these videos encompass four of the five commonly known dimensions. As far as I know, the universal dimensions are set up as follows (I think)…

First Dimension – A single point on a spectrum.

Second Dimension – Length x Width

Third Dimension – Length x width x depth

Fourth Dimension – Time as we perceive it.

Fifth Dimension – Freedom of movement through time.

Your human experience and perception contains the first four dimensions. DVDs or any other kind of video format that you have personal control over is a little different. They have all but the third dimension. This third dimension (depth) seems to be present, but that is just an illusion. You can’t reach into the screen but you can move your position on the timeline. Talking about dimensions and black holes and any other hypothetical aspect of the universe is interesting to an extent, but sometimes I just think about how pointless it is. It may be important to some people but it’s not really applicable to life. Life in the fifth dimension would probably get boring after a few hours anyway.

I went to a blues session (it’s like regular music but more walking bass lines and harmonicas) today with Jim and my dad. The entire time I was reading Fredrick Douglas’ slave narrative. At one point some guy asked me if there were any banjos in the book. I smiled. “Nope, no banjos. Just slaves. A lot of slaves.”

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